Back to School Unit on MusicplayOnline

Back to School Unit on MusicplayOnline
Welcome back to school! We hope you had a wonderful summer and that you’re excited for the new year! The Back to School Unit on MusicplayOnline is full of great resources to make your first few weeks a breeze! The unit provides multiple activities for students from Kindergarten – Grade 6.
Welcome the students to class with the Music Room Rules chant. Start by saying the chant with the students and when they know it well, add the body percussion. The unit includes a detailed lesson plan and classroom expectation posters. The Music Room Rules is also available as a poster pack.
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Another fun activity that is a hit with teachers and students alike is the Hello Beat Chant. Use this chant to review all of the music concepts. The teacher says hello to a student using a high, low, quiet, loud, fast, or slow voice and the class echoes. Continue patting a steady beat while greeting every student in a different way. We have included two worksheets to help students articulate what they want out of their music class.
The last activity in this unit is a fun and energetic name game. Jump In! Jump Out! is a great name game that really gets the students moving and meeting their neighbours. We have also included an icebreaker worksheet in both French and English. This activity will have your students moving, singing, and laughing as they jump around the room!
Many more name games, welcome songs, and mixer games are sprinkled throughout Musicplay. Check out the Back to School Unit on to explore this new unit and the related songs!
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