Fall Favourites from Musicplay - Week 2

This week we will feature the song “Fall Leaves” from Musicplay PreK.  As I write this newsletter in Calgary, Alberta, I am in the midst of a blizzard and around 15 inches of snow on the ground.  We may have missed our chance to sing about fall leaves and might have to move on to snowmen!

Falling Leaves 

Song 19 from Musicplay PreK Part 1 (Fall)

Grade Level:

Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 2


  • Create and improvise movement to show high and low. I can create movement to show high and low.
Materials Needed:
  • Class set of juggling scarves or fabric leaves. Both these items can be purchased on Amazon.
  • Projectables of lyrics from Musicplay Digital Resource or Musicplay Online Subscription (Optional)



  1. Teach the song by rote or immersion. The projectables are available in the Musicplay Pre K Digital Resource.  They are also available from a subscription to www.musicplayonline.com.
  2. Create Movement:
    1. Have the students create movement with scarves to accompany the song. While singing, I suggest they stand in place and move the scarves to show the way the melody goes. During the instrumental section the students love to toss their scarves in the air.
    2. If a recording is not available to use duing the improvise section, play a steady beat on a piano or metallophone on the note D. Experiment with playing high D and low D so students can show high and low with their scarves/leaves.

Literature Connection:

Title: “The Leaf Man”  Author: Lous Ehlert
  • Add the song “Fall Leaves” after it says, “the leaf man only goes, where the wind blows...”.


This extension works well for your students in Grade 1 and 2 who are learning more rhythmic concepts:
  • Present the words “Red”, “Yellow”, and “Brown” (either make up cards or write on the board). Place the word cards under a “beat heart” and ask students to identify if the words are one sound or two sounds, then “ta’s” or “ti-ti’s”.
  • Create a 4 beat pattern using the word cards as a class. Add non-pitched percussion instrument for the different words and practice the patterns as a class. Make sure to repeat the pattern 2 times to make it sound finished.
  • Use this as a B section for the song “Fall Leaves”.
  • This activity also works well with the song “Falling Leaves” from Musicplay Grade 2.
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