Ho Ho Ho - Winter Favourites from Musicplay

Ho Ho Ho - Winter Favourites from Musicplay

Today we wanted to share one of our favourite HOLIDAY lessons from Musicplay Online.  There are so many concepts and activities with this one simple song, it will keep your little ones engaged and learning right up until the holidays. This song can also be used to reinforce simple Grade 1 rhythms, and provides an opportunity to introduce a quarter rest.

Ho Ho Ho 

Song 50 from Musicplay 1

Grade Level:

Grade K - 2


  • Students will read the rhythm of a song, including 'quarter rest'. I can read the rhythm of a song including a 'quarter rest'. 
  • Students will create word rhythms. I can create word rhythms.
Materials Needed:
  • Projectables of lyrics from Musicplay Digital Resource or Musicplay Online Subscription (Optional)
  • Non-pitched percussion instruments


Song Activities:

Below are a variety of activities you can use with this song:


The game, “Ho Ho Ho” is played in a single circle.  Each child faces a partner.  On the first measure they point fingers at their partner.  On the second measure they point a finger with the other hand.  On the third measure join hands and change places with their partner.  On the last measure they each jump half a turn to face a new partner and the game repeats.

Game Video:


Playing Instruments:

Explore playing beat and rhythm on non-pitched percussion instruments or body percussion.  Play the words (rhythm) of the song on unpitched instruments.  With student input, decide what instruments might sound best on various parts of the song.  Remind the students that when they play the words of the song, they are playing the rhythm of the song.  Other students can keep the beat of the song using body percussion or a contrasting instrument.

Keep the Beat on a Beat Chart:

Use the chart below (you can find this on MusicplayOnline) to have students point to the beat and clap the rhythm.  This is an opportunity to ask the students why there are no words or sounds on beats 4, 8, and 16.  You can explain to them when there is no sound on a beat, it is called rest or quarter rest.  Try notating the song as a class to reinforce this concept.


Teach the Orff Arrangement:

Once students are singing the words and playing the game successfully, teach the Orff arrangement.  For Grade one, try teaching the bass line first. 

 Use the following speech ostinato with body percussion to assist in teaching the bass line:  


Interactive Activities:

MusicplayOnline has many MORE activities to use with this song including: 


Find this and MORE at www.musicplayonline.com

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