Tempo in Musicplay

Tempo in Musicplay

Teaching tempo is a tricky thing. The most effective way to teach tempo is by teaching songs with a variety of tempos. PreK - Grade 1 students learn to distinguish between fast and slow. From Grade 2 on, the Italian tempo terms are introduced, and we continue reviewing, reinforcing, and using a variety of tempos in the songs we teach. Listening to and identifying a variety of tempos are also fundamental to teaching tempo.


25. Slowly/Quickly 
29. Fast and Slow Sounds
47. Five Little Bells Fingerplay
74. Johnny Whoops
129. Old Gray Cat


44. Take my Little Car 
67. Let's Get on Board
68. The Sewing Machine 
69. Ha Ha This-A-Way
84. Page's Train
85. Chew Chew

Grade 1

7. The Grand Old Duke
77. The Old Gray Cat

Listening 1:

3. Fast and Slow

Grade 2

14. Tony Chestnut
26. Grand Old Duke of York
38. Do your Ears Hang Low?
61. Ham and Eggs
67. Lollipop Tree

Listening 2:

4. Grave
8. Hungarian Dance no. 5
9. Adagio molto

Grade 3

5. Missus Tong
53. Pirate Song
57. Got a Hat Hat

Grade 4

6. Chester

Grade 5

5. Boom Chicka Boom
70. Deep and Wide
72. I am Slowly Going Crazy


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