Valentine's Day Lesson on Musicplay Online

Valentine's Day Lesson on Musicplay Online

As February approaches the Musicplay Team has been busy working on some Valentines and Friendship themed activities to share with your students. This week on the blog and newsletter, we will be sharing a lesson from Musicplay Grade 3 and some fun extension and assessment activities to use with this song.

Love Somebody 

Song 60 from Musicplay 3

Grade Level:

Grade 2 - 4


  • Read rhythm patterns including sixteenth notes. I can read sixteenth note (tika-tika) rhythm patterns.
Materials Needed:
  • Projectables of lyrics from Musicplay Digital Resource or Musicplay Online Subscription (Optional)
  • 1-3 Valentines (depending on version of the game you play, either cut out hearts with red paper, use paper valentines, or use felt hearts) 
Teach the Game:
Game Directions One – Use this version if your classroom has lots of space to move.
One child holds a valentine and walks around the outside of the circle.  At the end of the song he puts the valentine behind a child. The child picks it up, leaves the circle and tries to tag the person who is it, before that person gets to the hole in the circle.  I often use an imaginary valentine instead of a real one, because picking up the valentine slows down the chaser and gives the runner too much of a head start. 
Game Directions Two – Use this version for smaller spaces.
Students sit in rows or on risers.  Select 3 students to be the guessers.  These students go to the front of the class, turn around and cover their eyes.  Select one student to pass out 3 valentines (either cut out hearts with red paper, use paper valentines, or use felt hearts). While students sing the song, the student with valentines passes them out to three other students sitting down. When the song is over, all the students sitting down put their hands behind their backs and “pretend” they have a valentine.  The guessers at the front each get one chance to guess who they think has a valentine. If they get it right they get to stay at the front, if not they sit down.  Replace guessers at the front until you have 3 students again.  Continue playing until all students have had a chance to be a guesser or pass out the valentines.
Extension Activities:
This is an excellent song for reviewing 16thnote rhythm patterns.  Musicplay Online has some great activities and NEW worksheets to help with the process.  Alternatively, you could set up these worksheets as centers after teaching the song:
1. Beat Assessment - Sing "Love Somebody" in your head and tap the beats on the chart.  Answer the questions below.
2. Write the Rhythm - In the hearts, draw the symbol for one sound, two sounds, or four sounds.
3. Rhythm Sort - Read and clap the words.  Choose the rhythm that matches and write it above the words.
4. Rhythm Sort - Which rhythm matches the phrase?  Write the rhythm in the box.
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