What's Next? After the Concert Lesson Ideas

What's Next? After the Concert Lesson Ideas

December music classes can be challenging, especially in the days following your holiday concert.  Below are some ideas, lessons, and products available from Themes and Variations to keep your students busy up until the Holiday break.

Holiday Unit on Musicplay Online:

Musicplay Online is filled with resources, interactive activities, games, and worksheets including the following:




All this and more available on MUSICPLAY ONLINE.


Christmas Music Lessons Resource:

This is a collection of lessons and activities based on nine familiar Christmas carols. Each song is notated for vocals, soprano recorder in two parts, Boomwhackers in two parts, a variety of percussion instruments, and with chords provided for ukulele (or guitar).

All parts can be used together and also work in any combination.  

Each song comes with a vocal track and an orchestrated accompaniment track. A slower accompaniment track is given for Boomwhacker play alongs. Reproducible and Projectable lyrics are included so the songs could be used in a performance or a school holiday sing along.

The activities include naming notes, writing notes, recognizing rhythms, creating new melodies, as well as fun games and word puzzles based on the lyrics of the carols and the song information.



Watch the Concert and Complete a Self-Evaluation Worksheet:

Give students an opportunity to see the show.  Video the performance and students can complete a self-evaluation of their performance.   


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