Singing Games Children Love Volume 2

Themes and Variations

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50 more singing games that children love to sing and play!
Volume 2 includes 'make up an action' games, clapping games (hand jives), stick games, 'add an action game, movement canons, choral warmups and shakeups, and more!

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Materials Included

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Songs Include: 

Make Up An Action:
1. Oliver Twist
2. Jim Along Josie
3. Hokey Pokey
4. Looby Loo
5. Ring Around the Rosie
6. This Way Thataway
7. Hop Old Squirrel
8. Goin’ to Kentucky
9. Punchinello
10. Hey Betty Martin

Clapping Games:
11. Hot Cross Buns
12. Pease Porridge Hot
13. In the Land of Oz
14. My Landlord
15. Head & Shoulders Baby
16. Eatin’ Betty Crocker
17. Miss Mary Mac
18. Ronald McDonald
19. Long Legged Sailor
20. Green Sally Up
21. I’ve Been to London
22. I’m a Canadian
23. A Sailor Went to Sea

Add an Action:
25. Button Factory
26. My Aunt Came Back
27. Father Abraham
28. One Finger One Thumb
29. Topnotcher

Stick Games
24. Sarasponda

30. Un, Deux, Trois
31. The Mill
32. Happy is the Miller
33. Pass the Shoe
34. London Bridge
35. Draw a Bucket of Water
36. Stella Ella Olla
37. Tideo
38. Paw Paw Patch

Movement Rounds:
39. Frère Jacques
40. Little Tommy Tinker
41. Swedish Action Song

Just For Fun:
42. Bounce High
43. Bell Horses
44. Pizza Pizza

Choral Warmups & Shakeups:
45. Tony Chestnut
46. Ham and Eggs
47. Bingo
48. I’m Downright Upright
49. George Washington Bridge
50. We Love to Sing


Audio: Looby Loo
Audio: Punchinello
Audio: I'm Downright Upright
Audio: Green Sally
Book: Singing Games Children Love Volume 2