Strictly Warm-Ups

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Welcome to Strictly Warm-Ups Volume 1 by Kerry Heisler. This book was developed from a need identified in my private teaing practice. I wanted my young students to have a tool to successfully warm-up with at home. Consequently, Strickly Warm-Ups Volume 1 has developed into a useful tool that both individuals and groups can use. The exercises use vowels, consonants and scales, along with, I have provided simple accompaniments.

Strictly Warm-Ups contain six sets of warmups for choirs of all ages. Each set includes a physical warmup, breathing, vowels, consonants, and scales. The CD includes a demonstration followed by accompaniments.


Materials Included

In the printed product:
- Printed Book / Audio CD


Audio: Breath Awareness - Fs
Audio: May I Go?
Audio: How Low Can We Go?
Audio: Instrumental
Book: Strictly Warmups