Slapshot Santa Scores Again!

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Santa dreams that he’s scored a goal in the NHL and decides that he’s going to practice hockey until he can play with his favorite hockey star.

Production on the Christmas toys falls further and further behind while Santa is out practicing his slapshot. The elves make some hasty phone calls and Santa’s favorite hockey team flies to the North Pole to have an exhibition game.

This 30 minute musical has 10 songs varying in style from Strauss to 50s Rock & Roll. The teacher’s handbook includes piano accompaniments, reproducible student pages, easy to understand choreography, costume suggestions and staging ideas.  This publication includes reproducible script, piano/vocal score, and audio recordings with both vocal and accompaniment tracks.

Resource Index

  • Toys, Toys, a Million Toys
  • Santa's Going Skating
  • The Elves Production Line Rap
  • Without Dreams How Will Wishes Come True?
  • Workout Song 
  • No Toys for Christmas
  • Please Mr. Santa
  • Slapshot Santa Scores Again
  • Poor Santa
  • It's the Merriest Holiday


Materials Included

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- Printed Book
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio mp3s
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- Digital Book PDF
- Audio mp3s

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Book: Slapshot Santa Scores Again
Audio: Santa's Going Skating (Vocal Track)
Audio: Slapshot Santa Scores Again! (Vocal Track)
Audio: Toys, Toys, A Million Toys (Vocal Track)
Audio: Without Dreams How Will Wishes Come True? (Accompaniment Track)