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Bullied shows how bullying can occur everywhere, even on another planet! Bullied can be read in the classroom as a reader’s theatre or drama activity, or, if desired, it can be on stage as a scripted reading. Dargo and his two buddies are the school bullies throwing Jupiter dust in Towana’s face. The script explores why bullying happens and strategies that the bullied can use.

The book/audio includes performance/accompaniment tracks, piano/vocal score, reproducible script and vocals, and projectable PPT with audio links.

Materials Included

PrintBook + Download Edition - $20
- Printed Book / Audio MP3
- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3
- Projectable PowerPoint
Download Edition - $20
- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3
- Projectable PowerPoint

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Songs Include:

1. It Hurts
2. Alone Is The Game I Play
3. Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me
4. We Have You By Our Side
5. Confidence Song


Audio: Confidence Song
Audio: It Hurts
Audio: Nobody Likes Me
Audio: We Have You By Our Side
Book: Bullied
Projectable: Bullied