Musicplay Grade 3 Teacher's Guide + Listening Kit 3

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Musicplay Grade 3 Teacher's Guide

Musicplay is an award-winning music curriculum for elementary schools. Musicplay is a sequential curriculum with lessons that follow the calendar year. The weekly lesson outlines the new concepts that will be taught, those that will be reviewed, and include seasonal and holiday repertoire. The planning is done for the teacher!

Lesson Planning

Year Plans are included for each grade.

Monthly Lesson Outlines give you the month at a glance.

40 weekly detailed lessons offer you a menu of musical activities. There is more than enough material in the lesson plan for two thirty-minute music classes.

The lesson plans are like a menu. There are many song choices and for each song, there are activities to choose from. You choose the songs and the activities that teach the curriculum concepts required by your state or province. (Musicplay is aligned to all state and provincial curriculums!) You choose the songs and activities that hold the most appeal for you and your students.

Feel free to substitute freely - Musicplay provides the framework - you get to make the choices.


Recordings are included in the teacher's guides! (Download Audio MP3's)

Musicplay 3 has more than 100 musical selections! Child and adult voices are used, and there are many recordings licensed from popular children’s entertainers. Accompaniments include Orff arrangements, piano accompaniments, and orchestrated accompaniments. Performance songs have both performance tracks and accompaniment tracks - you can use the accompaniments only for your performances. Multicultural songs feature authentic performances - the songs are in original languages and are sung by native singers. Many of the multicultural songs are game songs that appeal to students even though the language and sound may be unfamiliar. Many rounds are included so your students can begin singing in parts. There are wonderful choral selections and folk song arrangements in Musicplay 3.


Assessment suggestions are given throughout the teacher's guides.

Checklists of important skills are included if your district requires the use of them.

Reproducibles are included in Musicplay 2-6.

Musicplay supports and enhances science, social studies, and language arts curriculums. In third grade, songs to teach vowels and consonants are included. The Musicplay 3 student books or Digital Resources are a wonderful literacy tool providing many opportunities for shared reading. Students will develop reading skills while they learn music. 

Poetry is included in Musicplay 3. Science concepts are taught as well - each grade includes songs that teach about the environment.

Materials Included:

- Musicplay Grade 3 Printed Binder / Audio MP3s
- Listening Resource Kit 3

Song List

1. I Like Singin'
2. Number Concentration
3. Nothing
4. I'm Glad I'm Back at School
5. Missus Tong
6. Plainsies, Clapsies
7. No Robbers Out Today
8. Whoopee Cushion
9. Rocky Mountain
10. Turkey Lurkey
11. Shake the Papaya
12. Pass a Beanbag
13. Seasons
14. I’m Thankful
15. Third Base Coaches' Dance
16. Bells in the Steeple
17. Seven Up
18. Indian Summer
19. Ceremonial Dance
20. Something’s Hiding
21. Skin and Bones
22. Closet Key
23. Trampin’
24. Pass the Broom
25. Nothing but Peace
26. Remember Flanders Fields
27. Old Brass Wagon
28. Children Together
29. Long-Legged Sailor
30. Bonhomme, bonhomme
31. Playin’ on the Washboard
32. Cod Liver Oil
33. Oh, I Wish I Were
34. Shake Them ‘Simmons
35. We Come from Pluto
36. A Sailor Went to Disneyland
37. It’s a Holiday
38. Island Steel Pan
39. Paw Paw Patch
40. Santa Claus is Coming
41. King’s Land
42. Makin’ Christmas Cookies
43. Christmas Spice
44. Noche buena
45. January First
46. Koto
47. In the Land of Oz
48. Donkeys Love Carrots
49. Double, Double
50. Tideo
51. Pirate Song
52. Yummy Yum Yum
53. Head and Shoulders, Baby
54. New Shoes
55. Got a Hat Hat
56. Sakura
57. The Log Driver’s Waltz
58. Love Somebody
59. Ton moulin
60. An Austrian Went Yodeling
61. Donkey Riding
62. E Papä
63. Eating Is Fun
64. Shiny Penny
65. Coy Malindo
66. Song of the Frog
67. Old Blue
68. Playing in the House
69. Irish Reel
70. Be-believe in You
71. Stella Ella Olla
72. Alouette
73. When You Dream a Dream
74. The Wind
75. I Love the Mountains
76. Rabbits
77. Hide Those Eggs
78. Under the Spreading
Chestnut Tree
79. Waltzing Matilda
80. Didgeridoo
81. Find the Basket
82. Walk, Run, Ride a Bike
83. El florón
84. Mariachi
85. Swedish March
86. Inuit Lullaby
87. Tingalayo
88. Kaaniiskina
89. El burrito enfermo
90. Someone’s Tapping
91. Just Friends
92. Old Grandma
93. Chicken in the Barnyard
94. La pulga
95. The Provinces
96. Paddy from Home
97. Feller from Fortune
98. Spider Song
99. Zulu Tribal Dance
100. O Canada
101. Star Spangled Banner


Audio: Back at School
Book: Grade 3 Lesson Samples
Book: Grade 3 Song List
Book: Ontario Grade 3 Correlations
Book: Grade 3 Scope & Sequence

Digital Resources Sample (Sold Separately)