Super Simple Music Centers: K - Grade 1

Themes and Variations


Everything you need to run centers successfully in the music room! This resource includes how to organize and manage your classroom, what to do the first day, tracking sheets, and center group cards.  Every center includes teacher instructions, printable materials needed for each center, and recordings.  Below is a brief description of each center: 

Animal Snap:

This is a self-checking center for students to practice matching rhythm patterns.  Students use a clothes pin or paper clip to match the name of the animal to the rhythm or number of sounds below.  Students check their answer on the cheat sheet and if they are correct they keep the card.  The student with the most cards at the end wins the game!


Beat Keeper:

Students arrange 8-16 beats in a line.  One student is the “beat keeper” and points to the cards while the other students play the beat on instruments.  The “beat keeper” then turns over one of the cards and students stay silent or say “sh” on the card that is turned over.

Carnival of the Animals Listening Station:

Students color and draw on the worksheet based on what they hear.  6 different recordings from “Carnival of the Animals” are included.

Hide, Sing, and Play:

Students sing familiar songs (4 song cards are included) and follow along with the words on the card while they sing.  Students select either a “hide” card, or use bingo chips to cover some of the words from the song.  When students sing the song again, they play rhythm of the covered words on instruments instead of singing.

Loud and Quiet – Sort and Create:

Students sort various pictures in the categories loud or quiet.  After, students select 8 cards and create their own loud and quiet song to play on non-pitched percussion instruments.

Squishy Music:

This is a fun center for students to use their hands to create music notes and symbols.  10 different cards are provided for students to use to make different play dough shapes.

Fast and Slow – Pick a Movement:

This center involves using body percussion to play simple rhythm patterns at different tempos.  10 cards are provided.  Students select a tempo and body percussion level to play the rhythm pattern.

Make a Melody:

Teachers can select an appropriate musical staff card to use (from 1 to 5 lines) and bingo chips or the notes provided to create a simple melody.  Students then try playing their melody on melody bells, Orff instruments, or other pitched percussion instruments.

Compose a Rhythm:

This center has various options based on the amount of time a teacher has to prepare the center.  It can be as simple as using the worksheet provided, printing the manipulatives, or making your own popsicle stick rhythm kits.  Here students create a simple 4 beat rhythm pattern using quarter notes, eighth note pairs, and rests.  

Worksheet Centers:

This additional set of worksheets is an effective way to put some fun, easy centers in place with minimal preparations.  The worksheets cover the following concepts:
-       Beat
-       High/Low
-       Loud/Quiet
-       Fast/Slow
-       One Sound and Two Sounds
-       Trace/Write simple music notes

    Materials Included

    Print Book and CD + Color Copies
    - Printed Teacher's Guide / Enhanced CD
    - Digital Teacher's Guide PDF
    - 10 Engaging Centers
    - Physical and digital printables
    - Audio
    Print Book and CD
    - Printed Teacher's Guide / Enhanced CD
    - Digital Teacher's Guide PDF
    - 10 Engaging Centers
    - Digital printables
    - Audio
    Download Edition
    - Digital Teacher's Guide PDF
    - 10 Engaging Centers
    - Digital Printables
    - Audio

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