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Recorder Resource Kit 1 

This is a beginning recorder method that has been used to help thousands of children to learn to play the recorder. There is an introduction to the recorder and recorder consorts, helping children to learn that recorder is a real instrument! Children will learn how to care for the recorder and basic music theory. There are 38 songs in the book, carefully sequenced so that children will have success in the very first lesson. Children love to play along with the accompaniment tracks that are included - and parents will find these performances enjoyable - not painful to listen to! Children are invited to compose their own music - a variation for Hot Cross Buns and a B section for a Rondo. Children learn about famous composers and learn to play themes by them. This kit includes a fingering chart. 

The Recorder Resource Kit contains everything that the teacher needs for teaching a first-year recorder program: teacher's guide, games, practice bugs, note name mad minutes, assessment rubrics, piano/guitar chord symbols, tone bar accompaniments, composition, recorder care, and recorder note name flashcards!

The Kit includes 42 student pages in standard notation AND 42 pages in kids note notation for you to copy for your students. In  “Kid Notes”  the letter name is imprinted directly on the note head. This helps weak readers to progress. It’s preferable to having them pencil in letter names – with “Kid Notes” they still read rhythms and see note placement.

The Recorder Resource Kit includes all the printables AND the Digital Resources: PowerPoints and videos of all components of the Recorder Kit. 

With the Recorder Resource Kit you have many options for providing the music for your students:

  • Copy the reproducible for your students from the kit.
  • Purchase the Recorder Resource Student Book.
  • If you’re a subscriber to, students can use the student login and practice the songs in the recorder section.
  • $10 recorder packages are available from Themes & Variations – these include the student book/audio and a quality recorder.

This version of the Kit includes the Digital Resources: PowerPoints and videos of all components of the Recorder Kit.

1. All Songs and Composer Biographies that are in the Recorder Resource Kit 1
2.  Mad Minutes and Answer Keys from the Recorder Resource Kit 
3.  Recorder Theory Quiz
4.  All About the Recorder & How to Care for the Recorder
5.  How Notes Are Named
6.  Counting Music
7.  All Songs in Kids Notes notation
8.  Soprano Fingerings

Resource Index

  • Just A
  • Just B
  • A and B Blues
  • Just G
  • G and A Blues
  • Suogan
  • Au claire de la lune
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Starlight
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Kagome
  • BAGE Blues
  • Little Tommy Tiddlemouse
  • Trampin'
  • Doggie Doggie
  • Salish Hand Game
  • Skin & Bones
  • Frog In the Middle
  • Country Swing
  • Ho Ho Watanay
  • My Paddle 
  • Rondo
  • C' you in Canada
  • Hush Little Baby
  • Sanctus
  • Bouffons
  • C and D
  • Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
  • Ode to Joy
  • Renaissance Round
  • Closet Key
  • From the New World
  • Morning
  • Good King Wenceslas
  • Jingle Bells
  • Jolly Old St. Nicholas
  • C Scale
  • Funga Alafia


Recorder Resource Kit 2

This sequential resource is intended for second-year recorder students but reviews the notes in the event that you have students in your class that has never played the recorder. There are 24 songs for two-part soprano recorders. Your students will enjoy playing recorder duets! There is an optional alto recorder part, giving your students the option of playing easy three-part ensembles. 75 photocopy pages allow you to use the entire program, or to choose repertoire to supplement your existing music curriculum. Includes regular and "Kids Notes" notation. Digital resources include:

1.  All About the Recorder
2.  Recorder Quiz
3.  Two Part Soprano with Performance/Accompaniment Audio
4.  Two Part Soprano KIDNOTES with Performance/Accompaniment Audio
5.  Recorder Kit 2 Theory PowerPoint
6.  Recorder Kit 2 Full Score
7.  Soprano and Alto Fingerings

Resource Index

  • Review BAG
  • Suogan
  • BAG Blues
  • GED Blued
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Old Brass Wagon
  • Chatter With the Angels
  • Ho Ho Watanay
  • My Paddle
  • This Little Light
  • Review C and D
  • Good News


  • Ode to Joy
  • Chopsticks
  • Waltz
  • Review FED
  • The Scale
  • Il est né, le Divin Enfant
  • Au clair de la lune
  • Do Lord
  • Birch Tree
  • Surprise Symphony
  • My Country 'Tis of Thee / The Queen
  • O Canada

Materials Included

 Print Book + Download Edition - $70
(Recorder Resource Kit 1+2)
- Printed Book
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio MP3
- PowerPoint
- Concept Videos
- Notehighlight Videos
- Performance Videos
Download Edition Only - $65
(Recorder Resource Kit 1+2)
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio MP3
- PowerPoint
- Concept Videos
- Notehighlight Videos
- Performance Videos

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Book: Recorder Kit 1
Powerpoint PDF: Recorder Kit 1 Projectables
Powerpoint PDF: Recorder Kit 2 Projectables