Reproducible Story Book Volume 3 (Grade 1)

Themes and Variations

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The Reproducible Story Books Vol. 2 and 3 contain Little Books of 30 of the songs that are in Musicplay Grade 1. If a child can sing the song they can read it!

The Little Books are easy to make. Photocopy the story from the reproducible story book. Have a parent volunteer cut up the pages and staple them in the correct order (they are easy to put together - no folds). The title page for each story is left blank so the child can draw a picture showing what the song makes them think of. If the children wish to, they can color the pictures in the book.

When you've taught the song in your music classes, give each child a little book to take home to sing or read to parents. Even beginning readers can track the words as they sing the song.

Songs Include:

• Elevator
• Up on the Housetop
• Oh My Aunt Came Back (in grade 2)
• Miss Lucy
• Aikendrum
• Lukey’s Boat (in grade 2)
• Goin’ Over the Sea (When I was 1)

• Pussywillow
• Baby Bumblebee
• Eensy Weensy Spider
• Little Rabbit Foo Foo
• Five Little Ducks
• Down on Grandpa’s Farm
• Oats and Beans and Barley Grow


Book: Reproducible Story Book Volume 3