Jazz It Up!

Themes & Variations


This collection features ten songs by Susie Davies-Splitter and Phil Splitter, Australian music, and jazz educators. Students will sing, improvise and move to these jazzy tunes. The songs use a variety of elements of jazz - call-response, scat singing, improvisation, and rhythm and blues. Activities are provided for each song at a variety of levels so that the songs are appropriate for K-6. Play with the performance/accompaniment recordings, or students can play many of the accompaniments using the provided Orff arrangements. 

Resource Index

  • Razzamajazz
  • Ndinani Na
  • Jellybean Blues
  • Sing and Scat
  • Scoo Be Doo Song
  • Sing to the Heavens Above
  • Jazzy Jive
  • Jam Like That
  • Living With the Rhythm
  • Swingin' Bones 



Intended Grades

K - 6

Materials Included

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- Printed Book
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio Recordings

Download Edition - $20
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio Recordings

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