Listening Kit 1 Digital Resources

Themes and Variations

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Listening Resource Kit 1 Digital Resource!  This resource for teachers with computer/projectors or Smartboards adds beautiful full color visuals with embedded audio to the Listening Kit 1!  It includes listening maps, composer information, instrument information, illustration of musical concepts, listening logs, venn diagrams and much more!  All the rhythm instrument play alongs are notated, all of the ribbon routines projected.   

Projectables / Handouts are included that teachers can use with any piece of music. 

Generic Listening Slides Include:

• Art and Music – project or print as a handout “Create your own design to show splotchy or smooth notes,”  “Musical Colors” and “Draw a picture to show the line”

• Emotions and Music – 5 projectable/handouts to have children describe how the music makes them feel

• Expressive Elements:  12 projectable/handouts to have children listen to and describe dynamics, tempo, articulation

• Flashcards or Word Wall illustrations of articulation (7 pages), dynamics (13 pages), feelings (8 pages),  pitch (9 pages), tempo (16 pages) and timbre (9 pages)

• Instrument Families – a 23 page interactive PDF is included with linked audio to introduce all the instruments of the orchestra.  (This is also given as a SMART Notebook file)

• Movement

• Evaluating MusicAll 40 tracks in the Listening Resource Kit 1 have an interactive PDF file with embedded audio for teachers with a computer/projector and a SMART Notebook file for teachers with a SMART Board.  This resource can be used by any teacher who can project a PDF.

Videos of children doing some of the movement activities in the resource are included.  These include Copycat game and Ribbon activities.

Each track includes information about the composer and the composition.  All the activities that are suggested in the Listening Resource Kit are included and MUCH MORE – rhythm instrument play alongs, listening maps, illustrations of musical concepts, listening logs, response journals,  and additional teaching notes.

Anyone who has used the Listening Resource Kits will appreciate the quality and usefulness of the digital edition.

Intended Grades:

Kindergarten - Grade 1

For the Listening Resource Kit 1 without Digital, use this product
For Listening Resource Kit 1 and Digital Resource set, use this product

Materials Included

In the printed product:
- Enhanced CD
- PowerPoint Package with Audio
- Projectable PDF
- Smart Notebook
- MP3 Audio
- Movies 
In the download edition:
- PowerPoint Package with Audio
- Projectable PDF
- Smart Notebook
- MP3 Audio
- Movies 

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Materials Included:

- Enhanced CD
- PowerPoint Package with Audio
- Projectable PDF 
- Smart Notebook 
- MP3 Audio

Table of Contents:

- Introduction
- Table of Contents
- CD contents - listening selections
- Categorized lists of listening selections
- Guidelines for Introducing Listening Selections
- STILL - Silent Time for Individual Listening Logs
- Dynamics - Is it soft or loud?
Tempo - Is it fast or slow?
Articulation - Is it separated or smooth?
The Woodwind Family
The Brass Family
The Percussion Family
- The String Family
Conductor of the Day - conducting patterns
Chart of Listening Examples We Have Heard
Cue Card Listening
Composer of the Month
Classroom Activities - How to Use this Kit
Sounds around us
What keeps a beat?
High / Low
“Introduction and Royal March of the Lion”, Camille Saint-Saëns
“Hens and Roosters”
“Wild Donkeys”
“The Elephant”
“Personages with Long Ears”
“The Cuckoo in the Heart of the Woods”
- “Pianists”
- “The Swan”

- “Finale”
Peter and the Wolf
- Sergei Prokofiev
Activities and resources for Peter and the Wolf
“The Bird”
“The Duck”
“The Cat”
“The Wolf”
“Hunters’ Rifles”
Assessment of Tracks 20-27
Who Plays my Theme Worksheet
- Biography: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
- “Balletmusik”, Les Petits Riens K. 299b
- “Contradance II”, from Five Contradances, K. 609
- “Balletmusik IX”, Les Petits Riens K. 299b
- “At the Cradle”, Edvard Grieg
- Biography: Edvard Grieg
- “Galliard Battaglia”, Samual Scheidt
- “Chinese Dance”, Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
- Nutcracker Story
- “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy”, Tchaikovsky
- “Winter” from The Four Seasons, Vivaldi
- “Gigue” from The Alchymist, Handel
- “Gigue” from Water Music Suite, Handel
- “Minuet” from Water Music Suite, Handel
- “Flight of the Bumblebee”, Rimsky-Korsakov
- “Valse opus 64, no 1” , Frédéric Chopin
- Biography: Chopin
- “Scaramella”, Josquin des Prés
- “Marche”, Jean-Baptiste Quinault
- “Rondeau”, Jean-Baptiste Quinault
- Implementing an Intercom Listening Program
- Scripts 1-43 for daily intercom listening 


Audio: March of the Lions
Audio: Sounds Around Us
Audio: Kangaroos