Handel’s Last Chance

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Handel’s Last Chance

When you believe in yourself, you can make a comeback.

It is 1742 and we are in Dublin, where ten-year old Jamie O’Flaherty and the brilliant composer George Frideric Handel live. Jamie, who comes from a very poor family, has been caught stealing and is in jail. Handel, whose career is failing, needs his newest composition to be a big hit. By a stroke of destiny, the young boy and composer become unlikely allies. Handel gets Jamie out of jail and the boy lends his golden voice to the first performance of Messiah. The production is filled with many of Handel’s most glorious musical works, and the captivating story reminds us that when you believe in yourself, you can make a comeback and may even get one last chance.

The movie is approximately 51 minutes in duration and is in English, Spanish and French languages.

Intended Grades: Grade 3-6


  1. Opening
  2. An Easy Mark
  3. Not Impressed with Choir
  4. Doing Time
  5. A Deal is Struck
  6. A New Beginning
  7. First Day at School
  8. Scrubbing and Singing
  9. Audition Distress
  10. He Can Sing!
  11. Silence the Mutt
  12. You Can’t Run Away
  13. Last Chance
  14. The Rent’s Due
  15. Doing Laundry
  16. Finders Keepers
  17. Arrested!
  18. Dead to Rights
  19. Hallelujah Chorus Performance
  20. Credits