Rossini's Ghost

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Rossini's Ghost  

The opera is falling apart and only a backstage ghost knows it will be a hit.

In a kitchen in Italy in 1862, little Reliana helps her grandmother Rosalie make pasta sauce. As steam swirls magically through the kitchen, Rosalie argues with her oldest friend Martina and tells the story of an opera composer they once both knew. Soon, Reliana finds herself transported through time back to a theater in Rome nearly 50 years earlier. She is invisible to everyone but the composer, Signor Rossii. She watches in alarm as one of the singers puts a curse on the production and everything goes wrong. Set in 1816, the year The Barber of Seville had its disastrous premiere, Rossini’s Ghost is the story of three women who learn that friendship, like opera - or a great pasta sauce - requires nurturing, patience, and time.

The movie is approximately 52 minutes in duration and is in English, Spanish and French languages.

Intended Grades: Grade 3-6


  1. Opening
  2. Biscotti Might Make It Better?
  3. Magical Trunk
  4. Through a Looking Glass
  5. Reliana Arrives
  6. Dance
  7. Rehearsal and Story of Barber of Seville
  8. Strange Happenings
  9. The Little Shadow
  10. Ensemble Rehearsal
  11. A Great Sauce Can Make Magic
  12. A Secret Place
  13. Opening Night Disaster
  14. Rossini Walks Out
  15. Second Performance is Successful
  16. Fans Come to Rossini’s House
  17. Goodbye to Martina and Rosalie
  18. Friendship Is Like a Recipe
  19. Credits