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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Purchase Orders

    For more Purchase Options (PO#, invoice to the school), email this form to Order Form

    I don’t have a great internet connection, can I still use this curriculum?

    Absolutely! We have most of the PreK-Middle School resources from MusicplayOnline available in printed/digital resource versions. With the videos from the digital resource, the printed music from the student book, and the lesson options from the teacher’s guide you can use the curriculum with no internet access required!

    • The Teacher Guides have song activities, year/month plans, and lesson options.
    • The Student Books get printed music into students’ hands with a few worksheets available throughout.
    • The Digital Resources include most of the PowerPoint and Videos of all the songs from the Musicplay Grade that you would see on MusicplayOnline.

    To learn more about the full curriculum, click here.

    Can my students access MusicplayOnline?

    Yes! Click here to go to your teacher account and generate your class code. Once your code has been created, your students will be able to access the site with the code.