Alphabet Action Songs Package 2

Themes and Variations

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This package includes the Alphabet Action Songs Teacher's Guide, Alphabet Activities Book, Alphabet Action Songs Student Book, and the Alphabet Chant Book.

Great for PreK! These songs will have you moving to the beat while you learn the letters of the alphabet. For each letter, a phonics song AND an action song are given. The audios include vocal performances for you to learn the songs, and accompaniment (karaoke) tracks for the action songs so you can perform them in assemblies. Stories about each character and reproducible take-home student pages are included so your students can get extra practice. Research has demonstrated that the use of music and movement will really help your students to learn the letters and the sounds that the letter makes. The songs are so much fun that the students won’t know how much they’re learning! 

Materials Included:

Alphabet Action Songs
- Printed Book / Audio MP3

Alphabet Activities
- Printed Book

Alphabet Student Book
- Printed Book / Audio MP3

Alphabet Chant Book

- Big Book (an alternate to projecting digitally) 

Songs Include:

- Rock Around the Alphabet
- Long Letter A Phonics Song
- Short Letter A Phonics Song
- Alligator Alarm
- Letter B Phonics Song
- Be-Bop the Bear
- Letter C Phonics Song
- Cool Cat
- Letter D Phonics Song
- Dance Doggie Dance
- Long Letter E Phonics Song
- Short Letter E Phonics Song
- Ellie Elephant Eats
- Letter F Phonics Song
- Fin the Fish
- Letter G Phonics Song
- Grumpy Gorilla
- Soft Letter G Phonics Song
- George the Giraffe
- Letter H Phonics Song
- Hula Hippo
- Long Letter I Phonics Song
- Short Letter I Phonics Song
- Icky Inchworm
- Letter J Phonics Song
- Jump! Jackrabbit Jump!
- Letter K Phonics Song
- Kung Fu Koala
- Letter L Phonics Song
- Leo the Lion
- Letter M Phonics Song
- Morgan the Monkey

- Letter N Phonics Song
- Nannygoat Nellie
- Long Letter O Phonics Song
- Short Letter O Phonics Song
- Ollie Otter
- Letter P Phonics Song
- Perky Penguin
- Letter Q Phonics Song
- Quest for the Queen
- Letter R Phonics Song
- Rockinʼ Robin
- Letter S Phonics Song
- Sneaky Snake
- Letter T Phonics Song
- Turkey Tango
- Long Letter U Phonics Song
- Short Letter U Phonics Song
- Uncle Underwear
- Letter V Phonics Song
- V is for Victory
- Letter W Phonics Song
- Wild Friends
- Letter X Phonics Song
- Ox and a Fox
- Letter Y Phonics Song
- Yes You Can!
- Letter Z Phonics Song (Zed)
- Letter Z Phonics Song (Zee)
- Zed the Zebra
- Alphabet Action


Audio: Alligator Alarm
Audio: Letter B
Audio: Be-Bop the Bear 
Book: Alphabet Action Songs
Book: Chant Book

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