Easy Guitar Songs Student Book - Enhanced CD Download

Themes and Variations


This CD accompanies the Easy Guitar Songs Student Book. When you purchase a student book, the CD is also provided. This download is available for those who have a discount code to receive the digital files in case they don't have a disk drive. 

Compiled by Tim O'Brien and Denise Gagné.

Includes 25 folk songs with CD and links to easy pop songs. 

Materials Included:

- Audio MP3
- Projectable PDF
- Powerpoint

Songs Include:

1. Ghost of Tom  14. Bells in the Steeple
2. Skin and Bones  15. L’il Liza Jane
3. In the Land of Oz  16. He’s Got the Whole World
4. Land of the Silver Birch 17. Hey Lidee
5. My Paddle  18. Old Texas
6. Frère Jacques  19. Found a Peanut 
7. Row, Row, Row Your Boat  20. Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor 
8. Three Blind Mice 21. What Shall We Do with a Silly Sailor?
9. Adieu My Comrades 22. Clementine
10. The Wandering Cowboy 23. Lukey’s Boat 
11. This Old Hammer 24. Down in the Valley
12. Cotton Eye Joe 25. Alouette



Audio: Clementine
Audio: The Ghost of Tom
Audio: My Paddle
Book: Easy Guitar Songs Student Book