More Easy Ukulele Songs in C - Enhanced CD Download

Themes and Variations


This CD accompanies the More Easy Ukulele Songs Student Book (C). When you purchase a student book, the CD is also provided. This download is available for those who have a discount code to receive the digital files in case they don't have a disk drive. 

Materials Included:

- Audio Mp3s

- Projectable PDFs
- Introduction Movie

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Songs Include:

- Stella Ella Olla
- Head and Shoulders Baby
- Peanut Butter
- Short’nin’ Bread
- Miss Mary Mac
- Bats
- Ronald McDonald
- A Pizza Hut
- If All the Raindrops
- Little Red Wagon
- Oh My Darling
- Tell My Ma
- Apples and Bananas
- Okkitokiunga
- Rabbits
- The More We Get Together
- Fish and Chips
- Miss Lucy
- Father Abraham
- Chumbara
- Tony Chestnut
- Old Woman
- My Hat
- Oh, My Aunt Came Back
- Lukey’s Boat
- A Ram Sam Sam
- Mary Mac
- Fillimiooriooriay
- Ain’t Gonna Rain
- Waded in the Water
- She Waded in the Water
- John B. Sails
- Siyahamba
- Hagdalena
- Mama Don’t Allow
- I’ve Been Working
- Kumbayah
- On Top of Spaghetti
- Sippin’ Milkshakes
- Christopher McCracken
- You’ve Got to Sing
- O Canada
- Star Spangled Banner


Audio: A Pizza Hut
Audio: She Waded in the Water
Audio: Siyahamba
Audio: Okkitokiunga
Audio: A Ram Sam Sam
Book: More Easy Ukulele Songs Teacher's Guide
Projectable: Notation
Projectable: Lyrics