Musicplay Grade 5 Digital Resources

Themes & Variations


Musicplay is an award-winning music curriculum for elementary schools. Musicplay is a sequential curriculum with lessons that follow the calendar year. The weekly lesson outlines the new concepts that will be taught, those that will be reviewed, and includes seasonal and holiday repertoire. The planning is done for the teacher!

Each presentation has:

  • Musical notation
  • Song lyrics with colorful illustrations - great for shared reading!
  • One slide lyrics
  • Color coded Boomwhacker® melodies for simple reading and scale songs
  • Slides to teach students how to read music: rhythm, melody, expression
  • Kids demo videos of many of the singing games
  • Orff arrangements
  • Searchable Excel index
  • Links to excellent websites
  • If teachers have a Smartboard in their classroom, they can use all the interactivity of the board when using the Smart Notebook files.

Intended Grade

Grade 5

Materials Included

 Physical Edition - $150
- Projectable files with audio
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Table of Contents

1. Mama Don’t Allow
2. Concentration
3. Little Tommy Tinker
4. School Day Blues
5. Boom Chicka Boom
6. Pass the Stick
7. When I Believe
8. Ickle Ockle
9. Liza Jane
10. Four White Horses
11. Steel Drum
12. For Health and Strength
13. Button You Must Wander
14. Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor
15. Alabama Gal
16. Linstead Market
17. Ronald MacDonald
18. Ghost of Tom
19. Whistle, Daughter, Whistle
20. Skin and Bones
21. Lady in the Graveyard*
22. Percussion Family
23. Shalom
24. Raindrops Round
25. El torojil
26. He’s Got the Whole World
27. Peace is Flowing 
28. Our Old Sow
29. Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser
30. Sing the Scale
31. Woodwind Family
32. Brass Family
33. Green Sally Up
34. Ninaskamon

35. Banks of the Don
36. Hevenu Shalom 
37. Winter Is Here
38. Charley Marley
39. C’est l’aviron
40. Campana sobre
41. Christmas Shopping Blues
42. The Twelve Days of Christmas
43. Snowflakes
44. Early to Bed
45. Old Maid
46. Follow the Drinkin’ Gourd
47. When the Saints Go Marching In
48. George Washington Bridge
49. Music Alone Shall Live
50. Weevily Wheat
51. Hot Potato
52. Scoo Be Doo Song
53. I’ve a Car
54. String Family
55. Five Four Groove
56. Cobbler, Cobbler
57. Rainbow Color
58. Chinese Temple
59. You Gotta Believe
60. Al citron
61. Johnny Lost a Quarter
62. En roulant ma boule
63. Chumbara
64. Girls' Day
65. Digeridoo
66. Click Go the Shears 

67. Brave Wolfe
68. Deep and Wide
69. Irish Jig
70. I Am Getting Such a Headache
71. Un Canadien errant
72. Haida
73. Funga Alafia
74. African Drumming
75. Old Woman
76. Strive for the Highest
77. John Kanaka
78. Drill Ye Tarriers
79. Show You Care
80. Hey, Ho, Nobody Home
81. Silly Sailor
82. The Ship Titanic
83. Come Follow
84. Riel’s Farewell
85. ‘Neath the Lilacs
86. Waddally Acha
87. Play That Rhythm
88. Come and Sing
89. Clementine
90. I Let Her Go
91. Take Me Out to the Ballgame
92. Ball Go Round
93. We Love to Sing
94. Boll Weevil
95. La bella hortelana
96. Flamenco
97. The Capitals of Canada
98. The Capitals of America
99. O Canada
100. Star Spangled Banner


Audio: Linstead Market
Powerpoint: Linstead Market
Projectable: Linstead Market
Notebook: Linstead Market