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Musicplay Grade 1 Teacher's Guide

Musicplay is an award-winning music curriculum for elementary schools and is a sequential curriculum with lessons that follow the calendar year. Each weekly lesson outlines the new concepts that will be taught, those that will be reviewed, and includes seasonal and holiday repertoire. The planning is done for the teacher!

Lesson Planning

Year Plans are included for each grade

Monthly Lesson Outlines give you the month at a glance

40 weekly detailed lessons offer you a menu of musical activities. There is more than enough material in the lesson plan for two thirty-minute music classes.

The lesson plans are like a menu. There are many song choices and for each song, there are activities to choose from. You choose the songs and the activities that teach the curriculum concepts required by your state or province.  (Musicplay is aligned to all state and provincial curriculums!)  You choose the songs and activities that hold the most appeal for you and your students.

Feel free to substitute freely - Musicplay provides the framework - you get to make the choices.


Recordings are included in the teacher’s guides! (Download Audio MP3s)

Musicplay 1 has more than 100 musical selections! Child and adult voices are used, and there are many recordings licensed from popular children’s entertainers. Accompaniments include Orff arrangements, piano accompaniments, and orchestrated accompaniments. Performance songs have both performance tracks and accompaniment tracks - you can use the accompaniments only for your performances. Multicultural songs feature authentic performances - the songs are in original languages and are sung by native singers. Many of the multicultural songs are game songs that appeal to children even though the language and sound may be unfamiliar.


Assessment suggestions are given throughout the teacher’s guides.

Sample tracking lists and rubrics to assess important skills are included at the back of the binder.

Musicplay supports and enhances science, social studies, and language arts curriculums. In first grade, songs to teach vowels and consonants are included. The Musicplay 1 Digital Resources are wonderful early literacy tools providing many opportunities for shared reading. Students will develop reading skills while they learn music. View the song list to see the many songs that reinforce and support the themes that you teach in Grade 1.

Musicplay is a curriculum that can be used by a classroom teacher with limited musical training. However, music specialists will appreciate the planning and sequencing that is done for them. Musicplay is used throughout Canada and the USA and in many international schools.

Materials Included:

Song List

1 Dooby Dooby Dooby Doo 38 Goin' on a Bear Hunt 75 My Cat
2 Mountaintop Monster 39 The Other Day 76 The Old Gray Cat
3 Little Red Wagon 40 The Bear Went Over the Mountain 77 Bee Bee Bumblebee
4 Snail, Snail 41 Hello Game 78 Baby Bumblebee
5 Sam the Robot Man 42 Down by the Bay 79 Lucky Leprechaun
6 The Music Time Is Over 43 Fais dodo 80 Eensy Weensy Spider
7 The Grand Old Duke of York 44 Punchinello 81 Bingo
8 The Wheels on the Bus 45 Elevator 82 My Dog
9 Choo Choo Train 46 Hanukkah Fun 83 Train My Parents
10 I Don't Know 47 Lemonade 84 Feelin’ Alive
11 Apples and Bananas 48 New Teeth for Christmas 85 Bow Wow Wow
12 Counting Song 49 Up on the Housetop 86 Little Rabbit Foo Foo
13 Hickory Dickory Dock 50 Ho, Ho, Ho! 87 Five Little Ducks
14 Goin' to Kentucky 51 The Bells on the Sleigh 88 Bunny Hides a Basket
15 Jack and Jill 52 Love My Slippers 89 Hurry, Easter Bunny
16 Rock Around the Alphabet 53 Mary Had a Baby 90 Bunny Rabbit Boogie
17 Hop Old Squirrel 54 One Big Family 91 Let’s Save Water
18 Ten in the Bed 55 Strawberry Shortcake 92 Little Bunny
19 Kye Kye Koolay 56 Pimpón 93 Apple Tree
20 Bye Low Baby Oh 57 Vive la compagnie 94 Sing a Country Song
21 I’m Thankful 58 Icicles 95 Old Dog, Full of Fleas
22 High Low 59 Little Red Car 96 That's My Mom
23 I Like Turkey 60 Tommy Tiddlemouse 97 Down on Grandpa’s Farm
24 Hey, Betty Martin 61 Head and Shoulders 98 Oats and Beans and Barley Grow
25 Five Fat Turkeys 62 Miss Lucy 99 Savez-vous planter les choux?
26 Today Is Monday 63 Gonna Have a Good Time 100 How Many Fingers?
27 Magic Spell 64 Un, deux, trois 101 A la víbora de la mar
28 The Witch’s Cat 65 Michael, Row the Boat Ashore 102 El coqui
29 Bats and Cats 66 Rig a Jig Jig 103 Heebie Jeebies
30 Monster Walk 67 Aikendrum 104 Charlie Over the Ocean
31 Juanito 68 I Like You 105 Five More Days Till Vacation
32 Peace in My Heart 69 Tick Tock 106 The Eat Song
33 Just One Candle 70 Haul Away Joe 107 O Canada
34 Bounce the Ball 71 Mr. Potato Head 108 My Country, 'Tis of Thee
35 Thread and Needle 72 Wishy Washy Wee 109 Star Spangled Banner
36 Cuckoo 73 When I Was One 110 You’re a Grand Old Flag
37 Peter Rabbit 74 We Are Dancing in the Forest


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