Smart Theory The Staff Student Book

Themes & Variations


Smart Theory: The Staff Student Activity Book is a student workbook that will teach students the basics of music theory. An excellent resource for use as class work, independent study, music centers activities, assignments, homework or ready-made substitute lessons! Ideal for daily short mini lessons to ensure effective learning experiences and maximum retention of content. Your assessment of student understanding will be easy - just collect and mark the workbooks. More assessments are available in the Teacher's Guide. 

Materials Included:

- Printed Book


THE STAFF - Lines & Spaces, Pitch, Treble & Bass Clef, Grand Staff, Review

MEASURES - Counting Measures, Bar Lines

TIME SIGNATURES - Top & Bottom Numbers, Counting Beats , 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 & 6/8 time, Review

TREBLE CLEF NOTES - Treble Alphabet, Line & Space Notes, Naming Notes, Ledger Lines, Spelling Fun & Review

BASS CLEF NOTES - Line & Space, Bass Clef Alphabet, Note Naming, Ledger Lines, Spelling Fun & Review, Self Assessment