The Recorder Resource Volume 2 - CD Download

Themes and Variations

SKU: 208-A

This CD accompanies the Recorder Resource Kit 2. When you purchase a student book, the CD is also provided. This download is available for those who have a discount code to receive the digital files in case they don't have a disk drive. 

Materials Included:

- Digital Download

Songs Include: Recorder Performance and Accompaniment Track

1-25.  Review BAG 13-37. Ode to Joy
2-26. Suogan 14-38. Chopsticks
3-27. BAG Blues 15-39.  Waltz
4-28. GED Blued 16-40. Review FED
5-29. Blueberry Hill 17-41. The Scale
6-30.  Old Brass Wagon 18-42. Il est né, le Divin Enfant
7-31. Chatter With the Angels 19-43.  Au clair de la lune
8-32. Ho Ho Watanay 20-44.  Do Lord
9-33. My Paddle 21-45. Birch Tree
10-34. This Little Light 22-46. Surprise Symphony
11-35. Review C and D 23-47. My Country 'Tis of Thee / The Queen
12-36.  Good News 24-49.  O Canada


Audio: Au Clair de la Lune
Audio: Birch Tree
Audio: Ode to Joy