Super Simple Music Centers: K - Grade 1

Themes and Variations


This resource has everything you need to run centers successfully in the music room! It includes information on how to organize and manage your classroom, what to do the first day, tracking sheets, and center group cards.  Every center includes teacher instructions, printable materials needed for each center, and recordings.  

Intended Grades

Kindergarten - Grade 1

    Materials Included

    Print Book + Download Edition + Color Copies - $45
    - Printed Book
    - Digital Book  PDF
    - 10 Engaging Centers
    - Physical + Digital Printables
    - Audio Recordings
    Print Book + Download Edition - $30
    - Printed Book
    - Digital Book PDF
    - 10 Engaging Centers
    - Digital Printables
    - Audio Recordings
    Download Edition - $25
    - Digital Book PDF
    - 10 Engaging Centers
    - Digital Printables
    - Audio Recordings

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     Table of Contents

    - Classroom Organization and Management
    - The First Day
    - Center Group Cards
    - Center Tracking Sheet
    - Animal Snap
    - Beat Keeper
    - Carnival of the Animals Listening
    - Hide, Sing, and Play
    - Loud and Quiet - Sort and Create
    - Squishy Music
    - Fast and Slow Pick a Movement
    - Make a Melody
    - Compose a Rhythm
    - Worksheet Centers

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