Germs and Learning from Home

Everyone gets sick, or sometimes the weather prevents us from getting to school. We're going to talk today about hand washing, coughing into your elbow, cleaning surfaces, and distance learning!

Kindergarten Students on the Autism Spectrum

We’re focusing in on Kindergarten students who are on the autism spectrum, and we want to make sure that your classroom is ready for them, so they too can enjoy the music classroom in a safe and caring way! We’ll be talking about sensory overload, working with fixations, and setting up a routine for success!

Music Therapy with Codi Kreil

This week, we’ve brought in a guest speaker, Codi Kreil, to talk about music therapy in the classroom!

A little bit about Codi: Music has always been an integral part of my life. Noticing that I was always tapping out rhythms on things, my parents put in me in year of drum lessons at the age of 8. I immediately was the drummer for our worship band at church, and around the age of 11, I begged to get a guitar. Many would say my guitar was my first love, and it got me through many years of teen angst. I remember sitting down for hours and just letting the sound of the strings dissolve the worries of the day. I began prolifically writing music and songs, and started up my first band in highschool. I also started teaching private guitar and drum lessons to save money for university. As a young adult taking my teaching degree, I simultaneously was working on recording and was able to release two albums during that time. Entering my teaching career, music continued to be an unstoppable force in my life. I taught elementary music and band, but most significantly, used music everyday in my homeroom classroom with children. I noticed the power of music to help them learn, engage creatively and positively impact their emotions. Along side my passion for music was a growing desire to be a counselor and use the arts (and music in particular) towards emotional and spiritual healing. I am now completing a masters in counselling psychology, which will allow me to be a music therapist. I also still play in a band, write music, and teach guitar and voice out of my home. To summarize, music is my life and I want everyone to know how awesome it is.


Find her through Instagram at @codikreil !

Fun Singing Games for Grades 2 & 3

You’ve been working very hard in the classroom this new year, so let’s shake things up with a fun singing game! In today’s podcast, we review a few great suggestions from the teaching community with some exciting songs that students love!

All the songs mentioned can be found on MusicplayOnline, with easy teaching instructions and other fun activities!

Musicplay PreK - #101 Sleepy Bunnies 

Musicplay 1 #14 Goin’ to Kentucky

Musicplay 1 #37 Lucy Locket

Musicplay 1 #66 Rig a Jig Jig

Musicplay 1 #74 We are Dancing in the Forest

Musicplay 2 #7 Okkitokiunga

Musicplay 2 #17 I’m the Fastest Turkey

Musicplay 2 #23 Pass the Witch’s Broomstick

Musicplay 2 #30 This Way Thataway

Musicplay 2 #62 The Cat Came Back

Musicplay 2 #67 Lollipop Tree

Musicplay 3 #2 Concentration

Musicplay 3 #6 Plainsies Clapsies

Musicplay 3 #22 Closet Key

Musicplay 3 #95 Chicken on a Fencepost

Musicplay 3 #73 Stella Ella Olla”

Tips for Teaching Split Grades on Musicplay Online

Another great community topic we want to highlight and talk to you about! So many teachers out there often have to combine their music classes with different grades, and we want to make sure that students are still learning properly!

Thanks to our wonderful community of teachers for their astute advice!

Happiest Moments as a Music Teacher

Join Charis and Carey-Lyn as they review some great teaching submits as submitted by you, the Musicplay teaching community! Some heartwarming moments can sometimes only be found in the classroom! Find the podcast through any of your regular podcast providers, or through the link below!

A Few Ways to Use the Recorder Section on MusicplayOnline

When first starting off in our recorder section, there is so much you can review and teach! On today’s podcast, we go over some advice from the community as to how to best start off your students on the recorder, using MusicplayOnline!

Ready for Recorder

We’re very excited to be finally launching into some non-holiday related material, and we are starting the new year fresh with some recorder material! In this episode, we are going to review what the students need to know before they even pick up the instrument! It’s a quick episode full of great lesson topics and tips for a smooth recorder season.

Funny Concert Stories

Join Carey-Lyn and Charis as they recount the communities winter holiday concert stories on this week’s episode! Has anything crazy happened during one of your concerts? Let us know through one of our social media pages!

After the Concert Classroom Ideas

With the winter holiday concert now in the rear-view mirror, everyone is now looking forward to the upcoming holiday break. At Musicplay, we have lots of fun songs, games, interactives, and other activities to help you get through December!

We’ll tell you all about it on this episode of the Music Minutes from Musicplay Podcast!

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