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    I have a single teacher account, how do I renew my license? 

    Please do not purchase an individual teacher subscription on this page, please review your options here

    I don’t have a great internet connection, can I still use this curriculum?

    Absolutely! We have most of the PreK-Middle School resources from MusicplayOnline available in printed/digital resource versions. With the videos from the digital resource, the printed music from the student book, and the lesson options from the teacher’s guide you can use the curriculum with no internet access required!

    • The Teacher Guides have song activities, year/month plans, and lesson options.
    • The Student Books get printed music into students’ hands with a few worksheets available throughout.
    • The Digital Resources include most of the PowerPoint and Videos of all the songs from the Musicplay Grade that you would see on MusicplayOnline.

    To learn more about the full curriculum, click here. [add a link to musicplay page]

    Can my students access MusicplayOnline?

    Yes! Click here to go to your teacher account and generate your class code. Once your code has been created, your students will be able to access the site with the code.

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    Who is MusicplayOnline for?

    • Elementary Music Teachers
    • Music Specialists
    • General Classroom Teachers
    • Private Music Teachers
    • Homeschoolers
    • Students PreK - Middle School

    MusicplayOnline Includes:

    Lesson Planning done for you!

    Pre-built lesson modules for PreK to Middle School for the hole year! These lessons have in-person and virtual options to make the best of every situation! Check out our series "Ready, Set, Plan" on Youtube to see what is in store for each grade every week! 

    Games & Interactive Activities

    MusicplayOnline The online site includes so much more than the Musicplay Teacher's guides and digital resources. There are hundreds of interactive activities available to use on a computer and student tablets and devices!

    Thousands of videos are included to teach:


    Printable materials include:

    • Orff arrangements
    • Boomwhacker arrangements
    • Piano accompaniments (all songs)
    • Ukulele and Guitar accompaniments
    • Song-specific worksheets
    • Concept specific worksheets
    • One-page lyrics
    • Creating and composing activities

    Printable teaching resources include:

    • Song Activities
    • Weekly Lesson Plans
    • Monthly Lesson Plans
    • Yearly Plans
    • Sample lesson procedures

    Listening Resources: Kit 1 - Kit 5 + Extras!

    Over 200 selections including Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals, and selections from all periods of music.

    And so much more!

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    What people are saying about MusicplayOnline:

    "I really like it! I played the videos and did the dances. I made some funny moves up with the beat. I wish that we could do it again!" - Alexander, student

    Thank-you! My students loved the Oscar Peterson lesson this morning! I teach an online class to grades 5-7. They had some really great insightful responses after watching the documentary on Oscar's life. One student said it left him with the message to "keep trying, no matter what!" Another student said that "the jazz music spoke" to him! Such a great timely lesson for this week listening to the Hymn to Freedom song. So beautiful! 💖
    This is my first time teaching these awesome lessons. I usually work on classical composers at this time of year, but I am really loving following your plans and developing my own pro d as we work through this jazz unit together. 
    Thanks as always for your outstanding work and planning! - Cheryl

    I just wanted to write and say thank you for all the online learning resources you have published weekly on top of the usual content.
    Your lessons and resources have been an absolute lifesaver for me during our most recent lockdown and whilst we were learning at home.
    My classes have really enjoyed lots of the activities and the resources have given me lots of ideas for fun practical tasks. There are no other sites which have such a comprehensive set of easily accessible resources and plans.
    So thank you so much - I am forever appreciative! - Kim

    I want to tell you that purchasing MusicplayOnline is the best thing I have ever done for my music teaching in general and especially during Covid. I can’t believe how much is available through the online program and through the regular program. It has transformed what I do. I have had the books and CDs for years and incorporated them into my music teaching but this summer I decided to purchase the online program. Anything and everything is there, for all the age groups that I teach. And with the Online program, there is so much more. I watched a video the other day of you using stuffed toys to do a chase race with rhythms and I was stunned at how creativity you are supporting teachers during this difficult time by continuing to come up with these alternate solutions. All I can say is THANK YOU for all you and your team are doing. - Laura