Dansez en Français

Themes and Variations


Dansez en Français: French Dances for Classroom and Community

Dansez en Français is a collection of 21 dances with roots in France and Quebec, suitable for use in school classrooms (Grades 2 and up), and in adult recreational dance groups.

Dansez en Français is accompanied by a compilation CD of vibrant dance music from France and Canada, some of it from commercial sources, others recorded by Marian and her stable of musicians. The book is written in English, with song lyrics and titles in French. It includes musical scores, historical notes, a bibliography and web links for French music and dance.

Materials Included

- Printed Book / Audio CD 

List of dances in this book:

1. Farandole
2. Lo Brisa-Pè
3. Galop Nantais
4. Branle Suite
5. Branle de la Montarde
6. An Dro Retourné
7. Maître de la Maison
8. Sept Sauts Basque
9. Branle des Rats
10. Branle à Six
11. Polka Piquée
12. Les Jumeaux
13. Bourrée des Dindes
14. Bourrée des Dindes
15. Bourrées à Deux Temps
16. Bourrées à Deux Temps (faster)
17. Cercle Québécois
18. La Chapelloise
19. La Chapelloise (faster)
20. Cercle Circassien
21. La Pieternelle
22. Valse Ballonette