Bizet's Dream

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Bizet’s Dream

The power of music to set feelings free.

Twelve year old Michelle Marin doesn’t like her piano teacher. Monsieur Bizet is irritable, forgetful, aloof - distracted by a failing marriage and the rigors of composing his new opera. But as the composer begins to tell Michelle the story of the gypsy Carmen, her imagination is captured. For, just as in Bizet’s opera, her soldier father is stationed in Seville… and she fears he will never return. Set in Paris in 1875, Bizet’s Dream is the story of an unusual friendship between two people who share the ability to feel life deeply and a beautifully filmed testament to the power of music to set those feelings free.

The movie is approximately 53 minutes in duration and is in English, Spanish and French languages.

Intended Grades: Grade 3-6


  1. Opening
  2. Introducing Mr. Bizet, Late Again
  3. An Interesting Lesson
  4. Are You Sure This Is It?
  5. A Daughter’s Questions
  6. Accordion, Harmonica
  7. Delaborde’s Artist Studio
  8. The Beginning of Carmen’s Story
  9. Bizet’s Misery
  10. When is Father Coming Home?
  11. Another Lesson, Bizet Style
  12. Story of Carmen Continued
  13. Michelle Sees Bizet’s Wife
  14. Looking for Michelle
  15. A Fortune Told, A Father Returns
  16. Carmen - Premier on Stage!
  17. Credits