Music Centers Kit 1 & 2

Themes & Variations

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Music Centers Kit 1: Teach music theory in a unique, hands-on way with this colorful Music Centers kit! Students will love the eye-catching visuals and exciting approach, while teachers benefit from bonus reproducible worksheets, activities, and assessments. Perfect for beginners and seasoned pros, this kit includes four different games, plus enough materials for 6+ centers. It’s the perfect way to get your whole class in on the fun! (And maybe brush up on dynamics and tempo at the same time?)

Music Centers Kit 2: This fun-filled music centers kit is bursting with creative ways to learn dynamics, tempo, note names, and symbols! Your students will master tempo, dynamics, note names, and symbols in no time. Our fun games, activities, worksheets, and assessments are designed for beginners and advanced students alike! There's something for everyone!

Music Centers: Are easily tailored to individual students in the music room, helping them become independent performers and learners. These Centers give teachers an opportunity to evaluate musical skills while the rest of the class engages in fun and meaningful play! Get set up and let your students take center stage.

Resource Index

 Music Centers Kit 1

  • Treble Trouble
  • Tempo Twister
  • Dynamic Dash
  • Go Fish!
  • Music Symbol Dice & Story

 Music Centers Kit 2

  • Note Name Treasure Hunt
  • Dynamic Tower
  • Tempo Tornado
  • Ties and Slurs
  • Music Symbol Racetrack
  • Dynamics Decoder & Dice
  • Tempo Treasure Map

Materials Included

Print Book + Download Edition - $40

  • Printed Books [ 22 Pages + 25 Pages ]
  • Printed Color Game Boards [ 4 (x4) + 5 (x4) ]
  • Digital Books PDF [ 22 Pages + 25 Pages ]
  • Digital Game Boards PDF [ 4 + 5 ]

Download Edition - $35

  • Digital Books PDF [ 22 Pages + 25 Pages ]
  • Digital Game Boards PDF [ 4 + 5 ]


Book: Music Centers Kit 1
Book: Music Centers Kit 2