Rhythm Dice Games

Themes & Variations


Your students are going to have so much fun playing dice games that they won’t realize how much they are learning about note values, rhythms, and meter. Games include Table Talk, Add Them Up, Team Play, Shake & Make, Battling Note Values, Prediction, Higher or Lower, Race Track and Scales and Slides (Snakes and Ladders). Note value, rhythm, and meter worksheets are included. The set comes with 25 dice - more than enough for 40+ students and everyone can play!

Resource Index


  • Table Talk
  • Add Them Up
  • Team Play
  • Shake and Make 4/4
  • Shake and Make 3/4
  • Battling Note Values
  • Prediction
  • Higher or Lower
  • Scales and Slides
  • Race Track


  • Whole, Half, Quarter Note
  • Quarter Rest, Eighth Notes, Dotted Half
  • Note Value Review
  • More Note Value Review
  • Measure and Bar Lines
  • The Time Signature
  • Complete A Measure

Intended Grades: Grade 3-6