Super Simple Music Centers 2+3

Themes & Variations

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This resource has everything you need to run centers successfully in the music room! It is designed to help meet the needs of a variety of classrooms. The centers each capture a different learning style with games, playing instruments, music listening, tactile learning opportunities, and composition. Each center has opportunities to differentiate and meet the learning needs in your teaching situation.

It includes a teacher guide and materials for 8 different music centers. Information on how to organize and manage your classroom, what to do on the first day, tracking sheets, and center group cards. Every center includes teacher instructions, printable materials needed for each center, and recordings if needed.

Why use centers in the music room? Often as elementary school music teachers, we spend a lot of our instructional time direct teaching. With the push in the school systems for a more student-directed approach to instruction, we often struggle with finding a way to allow students to freely explore and play in the music room. Centers are a great way to allow students this opportunity to meaningfully discover music in a student-led environment, while still having structure and organization in your classroom to manage equipment and behaviors. Other benefits include: Promoting student ownership of learning. / Encouraging responsibility and problem-solving. / Teacher has the opportunity to act as a facilitator, while students explore, create, and play. / Teachers can use the time to assess students one on one. / Can easily be differentiated to meet the needs of different learners. / Centers are hands-on, engaging, and fun!

Intended Grades: Grade 2 - Grade 3

    Materials Included

    Print Book + Center Cards + Download
    Edition - $45
    - Printed Book
    - Center Cards Color Printed
    - Digital Book  PDF
    - Center Cards + Printables
    - Center Worksheets
    - Audio MP3s
    Print Book + Download Edition - $30
    - Printed Book
    - Digital Book  PDF
    - Center Cards + Printables
    - Center Worksheets
    - Audio MP3s

    Download Edition - $25
    - Digital Book  PDF
    - Center Cards + Printables
    - Center Worksheets
    - Audio MP3s



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    Table of Contents

    Getting Started
    Classroom Organization and Management
    The First Day - Center Group Cards / Center Tracking Sheet
    8 Centers
         1. Cosmic Rhythms
         2. Melody Maker Dice
         3. Squishy Staff
         4. Soundscape Creations
         5. Color the Music
         6. Instrument Name Sound Sort
         7. Solfa Snap
         8. Rhythm Tracker


    Book: Super Simple Music Centers 2+3