Super Simple Music Centers: Grade 2-3

Themes and Variations

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Includes everything you need to run centers successfully in the music room! Includes how to organize and manage your classroom, what to do the first day, tracking sheets, and center group cards.  Every center includes teacher instructions, printable materials needed for each center, student instructions, and recordings.  Below is a brief description of each center:

Cosmic Rhythms:

This is a rhythm reading game.  3 different rhythm levels are provided.  Students collect and clap simple 4 beat rhythm pattern cards.  The game is in for many twists and turns when students select game cards including “BLACK HOLE”, “SHOOTING STAR”, and “BLAST OFF!”.   

Melody Maker Dice:

Students create their own simple melody in major or minor by rolling a dice (dice template included).  Students then play their melody on Orff instruments, Boomwhakers, or melody bells.  An additional worksheet to transfer their melody to the musical staff is provided for more advanced students.

Squishy Staff:

This is a fun center for students to use their hands to create a musical staff with notes.  8 different cards are provided and students use the cards as a model to create the lines, spaces, notes, and a treble clef on the musical staff with play dough.

Soundscape Creations:

Students create music based on the pictures they see.  Set your students up with the 4 soundscape cards provided and a bin of instruments and see their imaginations grow!  An additional worksheet is provided where students can create their own picture too.

Color the Music:

Students color the picture on a worksheet based on what they hear.  There is one worksheet for each season and two different reading levels are provided.  3 recordings for each season are also included.

Instrument Nam Sound Sort:

Students sort the names of instruments onto different rhythm cards.  36 instrument cards are provided and after students are done sorting, a template is provided for them to create their own simple rhythm pattern.

Solfa Snap:

This is a self-checking center for students to practice reading basic solfa patterns on the musical staff.  Cards with So-Mi, So-Mi-La, So-Mi-Do, Mi-Re-Do, and La-So-Mi-Re-Do are included.  Students use a paperclip or clothespin to match the solfa pattern they see on the musical staff.  Students check their answer on the cheat sheet and if they are correct they keep the card. The student with the most cards at the end wins the game!

Rhythm Tracker:

This center gives students an opportunity to be the conductor and play a variety of non-pitched percussion instruments.  12 cards are provided with different levels of rhythm patterns. One student “tracks” and points to the rhythms while the other students play on an instrument (students trade jobs after each card).  Students also have an opportunity to create their own “Rhythm Tracker” card.

    Materials Included

    Print Book + Download Edition + Color Copies - $45.00
    - Printed Teacher's Guide
    - Digital Teacher's Guide PDF
    - 8 Engaging Centers
    - Physical and digital printables
    - Audio Tracks

    Print Book + Download Edition - $30.00
    - Printed Teacher's Guide
    - Digital Teacher's Guide PDF
    - 8 Engaging Centers
    - Digital printables
    - Audio Tracks
    Download Edition Only - $25.00
    - Digital Teacher's Guide PDF
    - 8 Engaging Centers
    - Printables
    - Audio Tracks



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