Opportunities and Promotions

Are you interested in joining our team? We are a fast-paced elementary music publishing company and we are looking to expand our team. We have several opportunities available. Please review them below:


Submit a Product Demo

Kids Demo


Submit a Translation:

Languages: French/Spanish/Other

We are currently accepting translations of our products and of Musicplay songs (especially for Grade 4, 5, 6, and PreK). For every song that is translated and approved by our team, you will receive one free month of MusicplayOnline.

Please email your translations to support@musicplay.ca


Submit a Product Demo:

We want to hear you talk about one of our products that you absolutely love! Show us why you love it and why someone else should buy it. These product demos will go on the product pages, in future promotional materials, and on our social media. Create a Themes and Variations product demo and earn a free product of equal value or 3 months of access to MusicplayOnline. 

We aren't looking for anything fancy!


- Introduce yourself
- Where are you in the world?
- What do you do?

Here are some optional questions to help guide your demo:

- Who can this product help?
- Who is this product for?
- What is included in the product? 
- What do you love about the product?
- What are the product's strengths?
- When could you use this product? 
- Why should people know about this product?
- Why do people need this product?
- How can this product help someone else?
- How is this product similar to another product?
- How does this product benefit you and/or others?
- How do you use this product?

Send us videos through WeTransfer.com and use the email support@musicplay.ca  

Kids Demo

Earn a free month of MusicplayOnline by submitting a kids demo! We are looking for songs and activities that don't have kids demos, or video/picture footage of students learning about music by using one of our resources. We will also accept any kids demos that show a greater diversity.  This helps teachers around the world!

Please make sure your students complete a FOIP form and send it back to us along with your video. If you need a FOIP form please click here. If you choose to send in a public performance, FOIP forms will not be necessary. We will also accept pictures (5 or more to qualify) of students interacting with our products. 

What are we looking for?

- Performance pieces

- Videos demonstrating how to use a
song in the classroom

- Action Songs or Singing Games
(showing a greater diversity)

- Student interacting with our resources

- Pictures (5 or more) of students
interacting with our resources

Autumn Leaves Painting

  • Performance pieces
  • Students using/interacting with MusicplayOnline
  • Students playing and singing games
  • Students completing activities

Please send us video or pictures of you and/or your students enjoying MusicplayOnline. Send us videos through WeTransfer.com and use the email support@musicplay.ca

Can I send a kids demo of another product? Yes! Please send your demos with the permissions to support@musicplay.ca.