Easy Bucket Drumming

Themes and Variations

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Easy Bucket Drumming is a collection of fun and upbeat arrangements for students age six and above. As students work through this resource, they will learn to read quarter and eighth note rhythms, adapt to different tempos and develop hand independence. Students will also learn about musical concepts such as form, dynamics, accents, and improvisation. Buckets are cheap and easy to store! Can you imagine trying to store a set of 30 congas in your music room? You probably already have a few buckets lying around and could easily get a class set from donations alone. Drum sticks are also inexpensive, but a set of wooden dowels from a dollar store will work just as well! You can produce four unique sounds on a bucket drum by hitting the sides, top, rim or clicking the sticks. By using larger or smaller buckets, you can create even more variety in sounds and form a bucket drumming ensemble. We have developed an easy to read notation that allows students to switch between these sounds and prepares them for reading other percussion notation. 

What's in Easy Bucket Drumming?

- 18 pieces sequenced to build reading and performance skills
- A basic guide to drumming technique
- Music Room Rules chant with body percussion
- Variety of styles: pop, hip hop, rock, jazz, and classical
- Projectable Bucket Drumming notation with embedded audio
- One-page arrangements and links to play along with pop songs
- Notation Movies with automatic page turns and easy guide arrows
- Teacher tips and suggestions for classroom management
- Opportunities to improvise
- MP3 audio with click tracks

Materials Included

In the printed product:
- Printed Book / Enhanced CD
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio MP3
- Projectable PDF
- Movies
 In the download product:
- Digital Book PDF
- Audio MP3
- Projectable PDF
- Movies

In the CD product: 
- Audio MP3
- Projectable PDF
- Movies

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Songs Include

 - Introduction  - Hand Independence
 - Playing Position 10. Surfin' Rock
 - Music Room Rules Lesson 11. Surf's Up Dude
 - The First Bucket Drumming Lesson  - Syncopation
1. Side Step 12. Night Chase
2. Top Hats 13. Tick Tock Blues
3. Off the Rim 14. Ready for Travel
4.  Stick To It! 15. L.A. Geared
 - Musical Form and Phrasing  - Easy Pop Song Arrangements
5. Dance of the Reed Pipes 16. Freedom Flag
6.  Liberty Bell March  - One Page Arrangement
 - Accents 17. We Love Dancing
7. Copper and Tin  - One Page Arrangements
8. Bat Rap 18. Feelin' Great!
9. Cannonball Run


Book: Easy Bucket Drumming
Projectable: Easy Bucket Drumming

Projectable Notation Samples: (included)

 Kids Demos: (not included)