Action Songs Children Love Volume 2

Themes and Variations

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Why sing action songs? Action songs are a fun, engaging musical activity. Children who may not participate in some musical activities are readily engaged in singing and playing action songs. They love the challenge of remembering the actions while singing. 

The actions aid some children in remembering the lyrics, enhance their language development and help children develop patterning and sequencing abilities. They also help them develop hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. Finger games will help to develop the fine muscle coordination needed later in music classes to play the recorder, barred instruments, ukelele, guitar, or piano. 

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Intended Grades:

Kindergarten - Grade 2

Materials Included

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Songs Include:

1.  Okkitokiunga 16.  One Finger One Thumb
2. Johnny One Hammer 17.  My Hat
3. Elevator 18.  In a Cabin in a Wood
4. I Know a Litle Pussy 19.  Little Peter Rabbit
5. Oh, My Aunt Came Back 20.  A Pizza Hut
6.  Grand Old Duke of York 21.  Swedish Round
7. Do Your Ears Hang Low? 22.  Down by the Station
8. Scions du bois 23.  Boom Boom
9. Downright Upright 24.  Vive la compagnie
10. Ham and Eggs 25.  Savez-vous plantez les choux?
11. We Love to Sing 26.  Bonhomme bonhomme
12.  Auntie Monica 27.  I am a Fine Musician
13. Peace Like a River 28.  We Come From Pluto
14.  Father Abraham
15. Button Factory


Audio: Okkitokiunga
Audio: Peace Like a River
Audio: A Pizza Hut
Book: Action Songs Children Love Volume 2
Projectable: Action Songs Children Love Volume 2