Come On Dance!

Themes & Variations


Come on Dance! is a new collection of dances, movement songs, and fun with instrument songs by Susie Davies-Splitter and Phil Splitter. Several songs come with both a vocal track and an arrangement track.

Resource Index

  • Hello
  • Beat Street
  • Funga Alafia
  • Move
  • Come on Dance
  • Haida
  • Edna the Elephant
  • The Dinosaur Rock
  • On with the Show
  • My Special Scarf
  • Rainbow Rave
  • Get in the Groove


Materials Included

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- Printed Book / Audio MP3
- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3

Download Edition Only - $20.00
- Digital Book PDF / Audio MP3

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Audio: Come On Dance
Audio: Get In the Groove
Audio: Hello
Book: Come On Dance!