Shake It Up!

Themes & Variations


Twelve songs to get students in PreK to Grade 5 moving and dancing to music. They’ll also be singing, playing instruments, and improvising in a variety of styles. Activities are provided for each song at a variety of levels so that the songs can be used for the very young, but be appealing and engaging for older students as well. Orff arrangements are included for some of the songs. The collection includes vocal performances recordings of all the songs and accompaniments for most of the selections. 

Resource Index

  • Shake It
  • Aussie Rock
  • Action Leader
  • Get You Moving
  • Yesh Li Yadayim
  • The Jumping Dance
  • Fruity Samba
  • Jiggles
  • Fuzzy the Clown
  • Luna Lagoon
  • The Rhythm and the Beat
  • Jump Bump


Materials Included

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Audio: Shake It Up
Audio: Fruity Samba
Audio: Jiggles
Audio: Yesh Li Yadayim
Book: Shake It Up!