Bach’s Fight for Freedom

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Bach’s Fight for Freedom

Not even a jail cell could imprison his creative spirit.

The chapel organist, Johann Sebastian Bach, is enraged. It’s bad enough his boss, Duke Wilhelm, stifles his creativity. Now the bumbling fool has given him a servant he suspects is a spy! But soon, the temperamental composer recognizes a kindred soul in his new 10-year old assistant, Frederick. For both know too well what it’s like not to be able to follow your dream. Set in 1717, Bach’s 32nd year, Bach’s Fight for Freedom passionately argues that the only master you can serve faithfully is your own heart.

The movie is approximately 53 minutes in duration and is in English, Spanish and French languages.

Intended Grades: Grade 3-6


  1. Opening
  2. Entering Service
  3. No Respect for Authority
  4. Bach Playing Organ
  5. Why Not Quit?
  6. Music is Important
  7. At the Red Palace
  8. It Is Forbidden
  9. Stand Up for Your Beliefs
  10. A Bach Family Lunch
  11. An Offer in Cothen
  12. You Forbid Me to Go?
  13. Father Begs Forgiveness
  14. Staying Focussed
  15. Frederick Defends Bach
  16. Josef Wants His Son Back
  17. Free Bach
  18. Live Life in Passion (Jesu Joy)
  19. Credits