Strauss King of Three-Quarter Time

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Strauss: The King of Three-Quarter Time  

The triumph of conquering fears.

The year is 1868, the city - Vienna, the music - exhilarating, yet all is not well with Johann Strauss Jr., the darling of waltzing Vienna. Haunted by the constant pressure to outdo himself with each new composition, Strauss meets Nicholas, a humble stable boy, who fears his brutal stepfather. To their surprise, the composer and the boy find in one another a piece of life’s emotional puzzle, discovering the healing bond of trust and embarking on a collaboration that will be music to the world’s ears.

The movie is approximately 52 minutes in duration and is in English, Spanish and French languages.

Intended Grades: Grade 3-6


  1. Opening
  2. A Horn Blows
  3. Late For Lunch
  4. Too Much to Do
  5. Taubber Is a Monster
  6. Music Calms
  7. Welcome To the Castle
  8. A Bauble to Pick UP
  9. The Ball
  10. The Presentation
  11. Blue Danube Waltz
  12. A Deal Is Struck
  13. Can’t Wait for Taubber
  14. Music In You Blood
  15. The Presentation
  16. Begin The Waltz
  17. A Surprise Visitor
  18. Safe At Last
  19. Tale From the Vienna Woods
  20. Credits