Easy Ukulele Songs in D Student Book

Themes & Variations

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Easy Ukulele Songs Student Book (D) includes the music and audio for all the songs in the teacher’s guide.  

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Materials Included:

- 5 Printed Books 
- Each book contains a download which includes: 
- Audio Mp3s
- Projectable PDFs

- Introduction Movie

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Songs Include:

1. Little Tommy Tinker
2. Johnny One Hammer
3. Funga Alafia
4. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
5. Adieu My Comrades
6. This Old Hammer
7. Ten in the Bed
8. Land of the Silver Birch
9. Canoe Song
10. In the Land of Oz
11. Skin and Bones
12. The Ghost of Tom
13. Cotton Eyed Joe
14. Whistle Daughter
15. Little Liza Jane
16. The Wandering Cowboy
17. Clementine
18. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
19. Hush Little Baby
20. This Old Man
21. He’s Got the Whole World
22. Rock-a My Soul
23. Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor
24. Hey Lidee
25. Old Texas
26. Found a Peanut
27. Boll Weevil
28. Nobody Likes Me
29. Wade in the Water
30. What Shall We Do With the Silly Sailor?
31. Nothing But Peace
32. He is Born


Audio: Found a Peanut
Audio: Land of the Silver Birch
Audio: Little Tommy Tinker
Audio: Nothing But Peace
Audio: This Old Man
Book: Easy Ukulele Songs Student Book