Music in the Inclusive Classroom

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Music in the Inclusive Classroom, by Melody McGrath Taylor, includes suggestions and supports to engage and unite learners of all abilities including:

• behavior plans
• organizational plans
• communication aids
• social stories
• routines
• visual schedules
• social skills training
• creating a safe environment

We all want our students to learn effectively. We all want to be that teacher who can reach everyone, who can make a difference for the students in our care. What we learn, all too quickly, is that music specialists have far too many students to be able to understand each learning style. Conversely, classroom teachers who are required to run their own music programs have far too many learning styles in their room to be able to take the time to learn about teaching music.

Music in the Inclusive Classroom is designed to support both the music specialist and the classroom teacher. Teachers will be able to access information on:

• diagnoses and descriptions
• general classroom management
• individualized education plans
• supports for all learners
• strategies in the music room

Using this reference tool will allow you to quickly find the specific information you need and adapt your lessons to support all of your learners.  What you discover will enrich your teaching. It will help you to create a collaborative musical environment in which your students flourish, driven by the gift of music that dwells within each of them.

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