Stories That Sing!

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Stories That Sing is a collection of music and literacy lessons for PreK - Gr. 5 students based on 17 storybooks. It includes songs and musical activities for PreK-5th grade and activities that integrate literacy skills with music skills. Your students will love these fun, interactive lessons that give them the opportunity to sing, move, and play instruments while they are learning. These activities are all designed around vibrant, animated stories that children love, full of lively characters and big adventures. These activities will keep your students engaged and listening while they learn music skills, comprehension skills, sequencing skills, new vocabulary, and so much more. If you don’t have all of the storybooks, most are available to read along with on YouTube.  All of the storybooks can be ordered from Amazon.
Music Objectives are included with each lesson. Students will have a chance to play a variety of rhythm instruments and Orff instruments. They will work in groups to compose new songs, create dance movements based on the events of a story and improvise simple melodies. Integrating music objectives and storybooks make for a more interactive learning experience.
Literacy Objectives are also included with each lesson. Students will be able to identify and define new vocabulary words, rhyming words, and opposite words. Activities in each lesson will have students identify the sequence of events, retell or summarize a story, discuss cause and effect, identify characters and settings and follow the steps of the writing process to create compositions.
  • Flashcards with rhyming words, action words, or events used in sequencing
  • Instrument and music vocabulary for non-music specialists
  • Templates to aid teachers in creating their own stories that sing
  • Dance/movement rubrics 
  • Music composition, music assessment and story elements worksheets
  • MP3s of songs, classical music excerpts, background music, and music for movement

Resource Index

  • Up Up Down
  • Tacky the Penguin
  • Good News Bad News
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  • Deep in the Swamp
  • One Duck Stuck
  • Dinosaur Roar!
  • When Cows Come Come
  • A Frog in a Bog
  • Down by the Cool of the Pool
  • Dinosaurumpus
  • Ellison the Elephant
  • Wet Dog
  • Boy Can He Dance
  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
  • The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
  • Earthdance

Intended Grades

PreK - Grade 5

Materials Included

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