Musicplay Grade 3 Guitar and Ukulele Arrangements

Themes & Variations

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Musicplay Grade 3 Guitar and Ukulele Arrangements is a useful tool for performances and for classroom use. Chord charts are included for every song making it easy for a beginning ukulele or guitar player to accompany their students or for their students to play themselves. Many of the arrangements have alternate keys to make it even easier to play or sing along in the most appropriate keys for children’s voices. 

125 pages, coiled to lay flat on a music stand.

Intended Grades

Grade 3

Materials Included

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Songs Include:

01. I Like Singing
02.Number Concentration
03. Nothing 
04. I’m Glad I’m Back at School
05. Missus Tong
06. Plainsies Clapsies
07. No Robbers
08.. Whoopeee Cushion
09. Rocky Mountain
10. Turkey Lurkey
11. Shake the Papaya
12. Pass a Bean Bag
14. I’m Thankful
15. Third Base Coach’s Dance
16. Bells in the Steeple
17. Seven Fup
20. Something’s Hiding
21. Old Woman All Skin and Bones
22. Closet Key
23. Trampin’ 
25. Nothing But Peace
27. Three Blind Mice
28. Old Brass Wagon
29. I’m an Acorn
31. Long Legged Sailor
32. Bonhomme Bonhomme
33. Playin’ on the Washboard
34. Cod Liver Oil

35. Oh I wish I were    
36. Shake Them Simmons    
37. We Come from Pluto  
38. A Sailor    
41. Paw Paw Patch    
42. Santa Claus is Coming    
43. King’s Land    
44. Makin’ Chistmas Cookies    
46. Nochebuena    
47. January First    
49. In the Land of Oz    
50. Donkeys Love Carrots    
51. Cindy    
52. Tideo    
53. Pirate Song    
54. Yummy Yum Yum    
55. Head and Shoulders Baby    
56. New Shoes    
58. Sakura    
59. Log Driver’s Waltz    
60. Love Somebody    
61. Ton Moulin    
62. Austrian Went Yodeling    
63. Donkey Riding    
64. E Papa    
65. Eating is Fun

66. Shiny Penny    
67. Coy Malindo    
68. Song of the Frog    
69. Old Blue    
70. Dinah    
72. Be-Believe in You    
73. Stella Ella Olla    
74. Allouette    
77. I love the Mountains    
78. Rabbits    
79. Hide Those Eggs    
80. Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree
81. Waltzing Matilda    
83. Find the Basket    
85. El Floron    
87. Swedish March    
88. Inuit Lullaby    
89. Tinga Layo    
91. El Burrito Enfermo    
92. Someone’s Tapping    
94. Old Grandma    
95. Chicken on a Fence    
96. La Pulga    
97. The Provinces    
98. Paddy From Home    
99. Feller From Fortune


Book: Musicplay Grade 3 Guitar and Ukulele Arrangements