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Old Grandma is a 2 part choral work by John Irwin White, arranged by Craig Cassils. This song is from the Canadian Folk Songs for Young Voices SA Volume 2 collection. If your students are not ready to sing in 2 parts, sing it in unison!  

Single-song kits are great value for the teachers. You get the reproducible rights with your purchase, making it much more affordable than purchasing octavos for your choir. All single song kits are downloads only.


Old Grandma when the west was new, 
She wore hoop skirts and bustles too.
When infants came and times got bad,
She stuck right onto old Grandad

She worked hard seven days a week,
To keep Grandad well fed and sleek.
Twenty-one children came to bless
Their happy home in the wilderness.

Twenty-one boys, oh, how they grew!
Big and strong, on bacon too!
They slept on the floor with the sheep and goats,
And they hunted in the woods in their oilskin coats.

Twenty-one necks Grandma would scrub.
Twenty-one shirts in the old washtub.
Twenty-one meals three times a day.
It's no wonder Grandma's hair turned grey.

She could make good mountain dew,
Home baked beans and Irish stew.
Old Grandad once he killed a goat.
And Grandma made a new fur coat.

And what she did was quite alright.
She worked all day and slept all night.
But young folk now are the other way.
They're up all night and they sleep all day.

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Audio: Old Grandma
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