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The Orff Source includes 89 arrangements of traditional and familiar game songs and folk songs sequenced according to tone set. (sm, lsm, smd ...) The sequencing will help the classroom music teacher find repertoire to fit their curriculum scope and sequence. Having the complete set of arrangements will save the teacher a great deal of planning and preparation time.

The 89 arrangements are co-related to the Musicplay program. If you are using Musicplay, this will provide you with arrangements of many of the songs in Musicplay Grade 1-5. However, the book will be a valuable resource with or without any music textbook. The arrangements are by Judy Sills and Denise Gagne, and edited by Judy Sills (84 pages).

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Songs Include:

1. Engine Engine
2. Hello Game
3. Hill Hill
4. No Robbers
5. Old Mother Witch
6. Witch Witch Fell in a Ditch
7. Categories
8. Starlight
9. Counting Song
10. Cuckoo
11. Lemonade
12. Doggie Doggie
13. Icka Backa
14. Ickle Ockle
15. It's Raining it's Pouring
16. Little Tommy Tiddlemouse
17. Oliver Twist
18. Rain on the Green Grass
19. See Saw
20. Snail
21. Bell Horses
22. Bounce High
23. Blue Bells
24. Lucy Locket
25. We Are Dancing
26. Find the Easter Basket
27. Apples Peaches
28. Bee Bee Bumblebee
29. Bells in the Steeple
30. I See the Moon
31. Jack in the Box
32. One Potato
33. Pass the Stick
34. Pease Porridge Hot
35. Mouse Mousie
36. Concentration
37. Johnny One Hammer
38. Apple Tree
39. Johnny Caught a Flea
40. Time to Play
41. Teddy Bear
42. Hot Cross Buns
43. Trampin'
44. Closet Key
45. Fais do do


46. Bought Me a Cat
47. Down Came Johnny
48. Who's That
49. Here Comes a Bluebird
50. Built my Lady
51. Button
52. Cobbler
53. Let Us Chase the Squirrel
54. Make a Friend
55. John Kanakanaka
56. Rocky Mountain
57. Clock Round
58. There Was an Old Witch
59. Little Tommy Tinker
60. Liza Jane
61. Old Woman All Skin and Bones
62. Land of the Silver Birch
63. Canoe Song (My Paddle)
64. Cindy
65. Bats
66. Circle Round the Zero
67. Frog in the Middle
68. Scotlands Burning
69. Inuit Lullaby
70. Charlie Over the Ocean
71. I've Been to London
72. Ho Ho Watanay
73. Chatter with the Angels
74. Lady in the Graveyard
75. In the Land of Oz
76. Hey Betty Martin
77. Old Woman
78. God Bless All
79. Sing Sing Together
80. Tulip Round
81. Birds and Bats
82. My Candles
83. Ghost of Tom
84. Rainbow Color
85. Green Sally Up
86. Falling Leaves
87. Witch's Cat
88. Hey Ho Nobody Home
89. Old Blue


Book: The Orff Source