Singing Games Children Love Volume 1

Themes and Variations

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60 singing games that children love to sing and play!
Volume 1 includes name games, winding games, guessing games, acting games, choosing games, group chase games, chase games, beat keeping games, hiding games, finding new partner games, and cumulative games. Directions are easy to understand. A valuable resource!

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Materials Included

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Songs Include: 

Name Games:
- Good Morning
- Hello Game
- Concentration
- Cookie Jar Chant
- Corner Grocery Store
- Hey Liddee

Winding Games:
- Snail, Snail
- The Snail
- Skip to My Lou
- Thread and Needle
- Alley Alley Oh

Guessing Games:
- Cuckoo
- Doggie Doggie
- Tommy Tiddlemouse
- Who’s That?
- Five Fat Turkeys
- Down Came Johnny

Choosing Games:
- Hippity Hop
- Farmer in the Dell
- Goblin in the Dark
- Purple Stew
- One in the Middle
- Dr. Knickerbocker
- Rig a Jig Jig

Hiding Games:
- Closet Key
- Cobbler Cobbler
- Button You Must Wander
- New Partner Games:
- Bow Wow Wow
- I'se the B'y
- Wake Me! Shake Me!
- John Kanakanaka
- Donkey Riding
- Wishy Washy Wee

    Chase Games:
    - Lucy Locket
    - Mouse Mousie
    - Charlie Over the Ocean
    - Tisket a Tasket
    - Madame I Have Gold and Silver
    - Let us Chase the Squirrel
    - Cut the Cake
    - Drop the Handkerchief
    - Ickle Ockle

    Group Chase Games:
    - Witch Witch
    - The Old Gray Cat
    - Black Snake

    Beat Keeping Games:
    - Hot Potato
    - Engine Engine Number Nine
    - Pass the Stick
    - Johnny One Hammer
    - One Potato
    - Jack in the Box

    Cumulative Games:
    - Old King Glory
    - Circle Round the Zero
    - Here Comes a Bluebird
    - Go Round the Village

    Skipping Games:
    - Cinderella
    - Bluebells
    - Had a Little Crate
    - On a Mountain
    - Miss Lucy

    Acting Games:
    - Lemonade


    Audio: Hey Lidee
    Audio: Good Morning
    Audio: Skip to my Lou
    Audio: Thread and Needle
    Book: Singing Games Children Love Volume 1