Singing Games Children Love Volume 1

Themes and Variations

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60 singing games that children love to sing and play!
Volume 1 includes name games, winding games, guessing games, acting games, choosing games, group chase games, chase games, beat keeping games, hiding games, find a new partner games and cumulative games. Directions are easy to understand. A valuable resource!

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Songs Include: 

Name Games:
- Good Morning
- Hello Game
- Concentration
- Cookie Jar Chant
- Corner Grocery Store
- Hey Liddee

Winding Games:
- Snail, Snail
- The Snail
- Skip to My Lou
- Thread and Needle
- Alley Alley Oh

Guessing Games:
- Cuckoo
- Doggie Doggie
- Tommy Tiddlemouse
- Who’s That?
- Five Fat Turkeys
- Down Came Johnny

Choosing Games:
- Hippity Hop
- Farmer in the Dell
- Goblin in the Dark
- Purple Stew
- One in the Middle
- Dr. Knickerbocker
- Rig a Jig Jig

Hiding Games:
- Closet Key
- Cobbler Cobbler
- Button You Must Wander
- New Partner Games:
- Bow Wow Wow
- I'se the B'y
- Wake Me! Shake Me!
- John Kanakanaka
- Donkey Riding
- Wishy Washy Wee

    Chase Games:
    - Lucy Locket
    - Mouse Mousie
    - Charlie Over the Ocean
    - Tisket a Tasket
    - Madame I Have Gold and Silver
    - Let us Chase the Squirrel
    - Cut the Cake
    - Drop the Handkerchief
    - Ickle Ockle

    Group Chase Games:
    - Witch Witch
    - The Old Gray Cat
    - Black Snake

    Beat Keeping Games:
    - Hot Potato
    - Engine Engine Number Nine
    - Pass the Stick
    - Johnny One Hammer
    - One Potato
    - Jack in the Box

    Cumulative Games:
    - Old King Glory
    - Circle Round the Zero
    - Here Comes a Bluebird
    - Go Round the Village

    Skipping Games:
    - Cinderella
    - Bluebells
    - Had a Little Crate
    - On a Mountain
    - Miss Lucy

    Acting Games:
    - Lemonade


    Audio: Hey Lidee
    Audio: Good Morning
    Audio: Skip to my Lou
    Audio: Thread and Needle
    Book: Singing Games Children Love Volume 1