Advanced Melody Flashcards

Themes & Variations

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Advanced Melody Flashcards help elementary students to become better sight singers and note readers. Most of the melodies are derived from songs that are commonly used in elementary music programs. Flashcards to practice high do, low la, low so, low la and so, fa, and ti are included.  The melodies are given in 3 keys: C - F - G for a total of 96 flashcards. The flashcards have been color-coded to help the teacher find a level more quickly. There are two flashcards printed on each piece of card stock. Simply cut them in half and use! Laminate them if you can, but they will be durable even without laminating. To help you notate melodies that aren’t included in this set, a blank template is included. Photocopy the template onto card stock and use a felt pen to write the notes.

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Intended Grades: Grade 4 - Grade 6

Materials Included

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